Back in Nigeria

I want to apologies for  the long silence at this blog,I have been very busy and traveling …..Now,I am in Nigeria after so long Period of time across Europe and South America.I returned to Nigeria on 13th of July,2010.What a nice day that I set my eyes on my family.

In a week time,a project (Season with the less previledge children) from this group want to spring up among the less previledge in one the rural areas in Ibadan,Nigeria.

May God help Us!


I really count myself very lucky to bring a smiling face to over thousand poor children and parents in Lima,Peru during this xmas season.As we all know that this season is the season of sharing what you have with people especially for the YMCA, Peru.With over hundred youths in the YMCA visited the poor people.It was really sad when I got there,people are suffering but with our programmes on that joined with free gifts and menu to over thousand poor,we brought smailing face back to their hungry face at least for the main time,they will remember it.

Picture speaks……………

When you have just try to remember all the poor around you.Thats God love for us.Merry Xmas and Happy New Year in Advance.

Surprise visit of Thomas

When I looked for somebody to appreciate and the person that God used with the help of the fellow YMCA Members to achieve my aim,is not other person than Mr. Thomas Gremmerspacher, ex. Printing Advisor of YMCA,Ibadan.

At last,I met with Thomas Gremmespacher in Lima,Peru with his wife.I couldn´t imagine it.He really tried in esuring I got my visa to Peru.Thanks to the MAN and at last I have the opportunity to say thank you to him personally.

Pictures speaks:

Appreciating my culture

The youths at the YMCA, Peru organized a programme tagged “Alpha”.A programme that was very interesting and parts of it was sharing the word of God, Short Drama,Music and Dancing.

I am very happy to Danced traditionally,I mean in my Cultural Dance,Yoruba in which Audience were asking for more.

Pictures below:

Baby Shower In Lima

I was there in one of the famous ceremonies in Peru being held for unborn baby that is near to be deliver by the mother.

The father of the baby have to eat chocolate or any other things from the baby pampers.Funny…..You have to see this:PICT0556PICT0555

This is the father of the unborn baby eating from the baby´s pamper.

The second step is that,the mother have to wear a pamper for the father of the unborn baby. See this……….

PICT0559PICT0561After that the father needs to behave like a baby..

See this……

PICT0562All the people present there present the unborn baby with different kind of gifts which the father have to open and must guess correctly what is inside before tearing the wrapper and if not he is going to drink like a baby.

Pictures speaks:

PICT0567PICT0568It was nice being in the gathering because everything was funny.

One month in Peru

On 21st of August,2009, I arrived Lima, Peru via LAN Airline and today, 21st September, 2009, its been one month here.One month with a lots of memories both  in the YMCA and the Lima city.

Noelia Vidalon presented me a gift and to appreciate my stay in their house and in Peru.

PICT0497PICT0498Gift from Noelia to celebrate a month of my arrival in Peru.

Lord I put the rest of my stay here in your hands….Amen

Heute vor 6 Wochen sind wir in Ibadan angekommen und auf den Tag genau in 4 Wochen werden wir Nigeria wieder verlassen. Unglaublich wie schnell die Zeit vergeht. Mittlerweile fühlen wir uns fast schon ein bisschen heimisch … haben uns mit den örtlichen Gegebenheiten arrangiert, wissen wo man günstig und gut einkaufen gehen kann, wieviel eine Fahrt mit dem Taxi zu Mobil (eine wichtige Kreuzung in Ibadan) kostet, wie eine nigerianische Arztpraxis von innen aussieht und vor allen Dingen, dass Zeit eine relative Größe ist.

Nun sind wir gespannt, welche Überraschungen in den verbleibenden Wochen auf uns warten – und soviel steht fest: es werden garantiert einige sein, schließlich sind wir in Nigeria 🙂